Waste Water Treatment Plant on Google Earth

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CQA undertook a turnkey design build project for a food producer in Yorkshire with the works being completed in January 2018, however only recently has Google Earth been updated to show it in all its glory.

The project was one of the first of its kind where CQA designed a wholly bespoke containment system to allow a low cost and low visual impact system to be constructed. Furthermore, compared to a traditional concrete structure it allowed the system to be constructed in a 4 month window (between September & January) over a fairly dreadful period of weather, when compared to a traditional system it was not only less than half the cost but took much less than half the time to complete.

The containment system comprised a triple composite lining system, utilising NAUE Bentofix X2 coated GCL to prevent cation exchange, and a full leak detection system.

CQA undertook all design, project management, civil's and earthworks construction and landscaping, with Greener Waste Technology and Adaptive Controls designing and installing the fully automated monitoring system.

12 months on from completion and the system is working flawlessly meeting its discharge consents without fail.

We hope you agree its a thorough & tidy job. Please feel free to contact us for further details.