• CQA International is experienced in the design, construction and Quality Assurance of EU compliant landfills for both hazardous and non-hazardous wastes and has been responsible for all stages of the development of landfills in the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, Romania, Cyprus & Kuwait.

    Landfill projects entail the detailed design of landfill facilities, waste to energy incinerators and closure to EU standards; contract and construction management; permitting; CQA and compliance reporting and environmental protection.

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  • CQA International's personnel have many years experience in the provision of engineering services to coal and metal mines in North and South America, the UK, Russia, Africa and most recently in Mexico and Azerbaijan. Services provided include pit slope stability evaluations for coal and gold mines, heap leach pad designs for gold, silver and copper mines, spoil pile and waste dump designs and tailings basin designs for gold mines, lead zinc, bauxite and oil sands mines. CQA also has expertise in underground mapping, dewatering, effluent treatment, environmental monitoring and in the preparation of Environmental Impact Statements. The Company has an experienced team of design and construction engineers with mining experience. Talk to us about how we can help you with your mining project.

  • CQA International has been instrumental in assessing and delivering services that play a vital role in a country’s infrastructure including road design and investigation, pipeline route appraisal, trial embankments, reservoir failure assessment, soil and rock slope design. We have also designed pipeline routes and roads in the mining, oil and civil sectors. Our geotechnical expertise and worldwide track record of success is relied upon time and again.

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  • CQA International’s remediation experience is extensive and includes planning, design, permitting and implementation of major projects around the world. We have worked on the remediation of pollution from mercury in soil, water and building materials; hydrocarbons, heavy metals and organic compounds involving site areas of up to 1.5 square kilometres.
    We have designed and supervised techniques including soil washing, in-situ bioremediation, land farming, incorporation into asphalt, and a range of water treatment methods. We have also carried out phase 1 and 2 surveys of industrial sites and produced remediation plans and strategies, and have a wealth of experience negotiating liability and responsibility for incidents.
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  • We offer many different services relating to the development and protection of water resources. These include
    Water abstraction design and permitting, environmental impact studies, de-watering for engineering and mining purposes, reconnaissance mapping of aquifers and resources, leachate effluent treatment, wetland design and aquifer storage and recovery.
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  • In addition to delivering projects within our fields of expertise, we also offer project management services for all kinds of environmental engineering assignments. Depending on the nature of the project, we will appoint a resident project manager who will also be the technical specialist throughout its implementation.
    In the past, we have delivered this service on numerous projects including the World Bank funded design of general hospitals and village hospitals in Azerbaijan, where we were responsible for the design, architecture and engineering, permitting, procurement, construction supervision, financial performance and reporting of the whole operation.
    We have delivered an EU-funded, integrated waste management project in Romania, a hazardous mine tailings restoration project in Kosovo, and given procurement assistance for a waste to energy incinerator in Azerbaijan.
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  • CQA International has expertise in the planning of municipal, industrial and hazardous waste management systems and has developed Integrated Waste Management plans for both government and industrial clients in several states of the former USSR and the Middle East. We have also undertaken projects concerning waste recycling, composting and incineration.
    Our Waste Management service incorporates the planning, design and implementation of new waste management sites and the remediation of existing waste disposal sites. All feasibility studies; permitting; EIA; construction supervision; contractual management; compliance verification and monitoring is undertaken by CQA.
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Projects & Services

The company’s project experience comprises:

  • 400 projects,
  • 100 clients,
  • 20+ countries

The CQA team have been using technical expertise and their hands-on, practical ability to focus on clients’ requirements and to consistently understand and solve problems.

Most of our projects are in the fields of waste management, geotechnical engineering, environmental remediation and mining engineering. We also deliver water resources, landfill sites and we offer project management services for all kinds of environmental engineering assignments.

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