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These are our senior personnel: experienced engineers, geologists, scientists and technicians

Peter Stevens, Managing Director
Peter is a Chartered Geologist with 30 years’ technical and contract management experience in environmental geology, hydrogeology and geotechnical engineering. He has completed more than 150 engineering and environmental projects including waste management, contaminated site remediation, water resource protection and mining engineering in more than 20 countries.
Andrew Hall, Director and Regional Manager, Azerbaijan
Andy is a geologist with 12 years’ experience in environmental and engineering projects. He has worked on waste management and contaminated soil and water remediation, and has experience of contract management using FIDIC conditions. He manages CQA’s office in Baku with a team of 15 engineers and support personnel.
Darren Bland, Darren Bland, Director and General Manager, UK
Darren is a geologist with 10 years’ experience in environmental and engineering projects. He has worked on numerous landfill projects and has been involved in the construction of leach pads, process ponds and infrastructure at a gold and copper mine. He is responsible for the management of CQA’s UK business line.
Robert Stevens, Senior Environmental Engineer
Robert has 25 years of professional engineering experience, including designs in AutoCAD Civil 3D. He has 15 years’ experience of mining, waste management, oil industry and water quality projects, where his experience covers design, construction supervision, quality management and regulatory compliance.
Chris Grew, Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Chris is an engineering geologist with 12 years’ professional experience of site investigation, geotechnical engineering and mining. His track record includes foundation design, slope stability and hydrogeological modelling gained on projects in Europe, Asia and Australia.
Ismayil Eyvazov, Senior Engineer
Ismayil is a construction engineer with 40 years’ experience in construction engineering and supervision of international industrial, public and private buildings, with ten years’ experience on environmental engineering with CQA. He has worked in Azerbaijan, Russia and Kazakhstan and supervised the construction of a sulphur dioxide emissions facility at the Tengiz Oil field project.
Vagif Vakhabov, Senior Engineer
Vagif is construction engineer with 39 years’ experience as an engineer, supervisor and project manager of the construction of industrial, public and private buildings. Among other projects, Vagif worked on the construction of an oil terminal on the shore of the Caspian Sea