CQA International Ltd
Experienced consultants,
engineers, geologists,
environmental scientists
QA/QC technicians

A highly personal service from global engineering specialists

CQA was established in 1993 and now operates throughout the world, with offices in the UK and Azerbaijan.
Our team of 30 have been carefully selected to give us a breadth of experience across multiple engineering disciplines, providing us with both the technical expertise and practical ability necessary to focus on clients’ requirements and to consistently understand and solve their problems.
We have a wealth of varied and diverse experience that includes the design and construction of mining infrastructure, EU compliant landfills, waste management and recycling, composting and incineration, and have worked with major waste management corporations, oil companies, government organisations, mining companies plus projects funded by the EU and World Bank.
We’re proud of the highly personal service we provide, and we know how highly that’s valued by our clients. Our senior team works on each and every project, spending time getting the detail right, perfecting everything to make sure the end result meets the brief exactly.
The result? Our clients benefit from highly personalised and reliable engineering and scientific analysis, practical decision making and the lateral thinking that has helped us to successfully resolve numerous engineering problems over the past 20 years.